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London Marathon – Lee and Michelle

(Story used with permission)

This year I have been working with Lee and Michelle to help them in their preparation for the London Marathon. Lee has Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) a severe form of MS which attacks the spinal cord and the optic nerve. Lee has lost the use of his legs and his vision is deteriorating.

Not to be beaten by NMO, Lee embarked on a campaign to raise funds for the MS Trust and gained a place for himself in the London Marathon 2018. Lee’s wife Michelle ran as his guide because of his visual problems, and she set about her own training schedule to ensure she was prepared for the day.

Working with Lee was interesting as the treatment had to focus on his shoulders and arms, rather than his hips and legs. Not perturbed, they both put in a great deal of training to complete this Marathon and I am delighted to say, did so. It has been a privilege to work, and to continue to work with Lee as he looks to his next challenge on the track!


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