I have been privileged to work as a volunteer therapist for Keech Hospice, providing therapy for patients and staff.

Working at Keech has broadened my experience as a therapist and has given me the opportunity to work in a special environment where I have met some truly inspirational people.

Keech is largely funded by public donation so while I have not had the time to volunteer as a therapist recently, I have continued to fundraise for the Hospice.

I have taken part in two Santa Runs, I have donned the ‘red suit’ to ride Smiley Sam, and I enjoyed a night in Luton when I supported the ladies who turned out for the Star Walk in September 2014.


Keech relies on volunteers for the most part of their staffing, and there are volunteers in all areas, caterers, gardeners, drivers, home visitors, admin, therapists, and many more.

I have therefore dedicated this page of my website to the work of Keech Hospice and I would encourage anyone who is able to offer support, to do so in whichever way they can. Their website link is at the top of this page.

I will keep you up to date with my fund raising through the Events Page. Thank you for reading this page and supporting Keech.